Saint John the Baptist and Saint Mary's Byzantine Catholic Churches

Visitor Information

Thank you for visiting us at our website.  The parish would enjoy the pleasure of your company even more if you come to visit us at one of our parishes.  So that you feel at home when you come to see us, we'd like to share more information about us:

  • Street parking is available at St. John's.  St. Mary's has a parking lot in front of the parish.

  • We enjoy having children participate in the Divine Liturgy.  All children are invited to come to the front of the church to hear the reading of the Gospel.  At the end of the reading, Father will present the Gospel to each child and the child responds by kissing it.

  • ​Before entering the pew, make a slight bow.  Proper church etiquette before seating is to approach the icon on the tetrapod (the table in the front of the church) make the sign of the cross, venerate the icon with a kiss, and make another sign of the cross.

  • ​If you are a Catholic in good standing with the Church, you may receive Holy Communion. Byzantine Catholics receive communion in both species.  Upon approaching the priest, you may state your name.  Please stand close to the chalice, tilt your head back, and open your mouth widely.  Extending your tongue is not necessary.  Father will place Communion in your mouth.  Then, close your mouth and proceed back to your pew.

  • During consecration, the proper stance is to remain standing.

  • At the end of the Divine Liturgy following a feast day or Holy Day of obligation, parishioners receive an anointing with oil on the forehead and receive a piece of blessed bread.  This custom is known as "mirovanije."  Upon receiving the anointing, the priest and the parishioner exchange a greeting depending on the liturgical season:

    • ​​Priest: Christ is with us! Response: He is and always will be.

    • Priest: Christ is risen! Response: Indeed He is Risen!

    • Priest: Christ is born! Response: Glorify Him!

This page is currently under construction.  Last updated 6/10/18